WHO AM I? My name is Jefferson Davis, but some people call me the one eyed photog. I do only have one eye, so I pick up on details that other photographers may miss. Photography has been a hobby since I was a kid. Eight years ago, I purchased my first Digital SLR camera and haven't looked back. My degree is in Criminal Justice, but I do have a varied background in everything from IT Security to Metal Art and Fabrication. I still work Security occasionally for an accredited local University.

What Type of Equipment do I Use? I use Canon DSLR cameras, Canon lenses as well as Sigma lenses. I prefer to use natural ambient light, so I don't lug around large light systems.

Where are you Located? I'm in Greenville, South Carolina. Through traveling throughout this great country and abroad I have learned a lot, but the Upstate is home. I was born in Greenville and love the area. I can travel up to 25 miles without charging any extra for a portrait session. If you are interested in pricing, check out the pricing tab.

Why Photography? Why not? I have always been fascinated with the practice of freezing a moment in time with a photograph. Photographs should tell a story or evoke an emotion. That is what I aim to do in all of my work. It is something that I have to do. Making a customer happy is the best part of the job. A satisfied flient is satisfaction to me.

Please contact me with any questions. Thank You.